Before I called this page "results", referring to my competition results. However, I am just as proud on what I climbed outside, so hereby my prestations :-). Starting with a (never complete) selection of my most memorable climbs and below that you can find per year the competitions I competed in.

Sports climbing: Total of 12 routes 8a or higher.
Riesenslalom direct 8b - Frankenjura (2016). My first 8b, what a fight!
Turkish airways 8a+ - Geyik Bayiri (2016)
Verbindung 8a+ - Frankenjura (2016)
Hydra 8a - Ettringen (2019). Now I've climbed 8a on pretty much all possible rock types!
Riddu Riddu 8a - Ersfjorden (2017). Ha I can crush on granite too!
Sarkit Souls 8a - Geyik Bayiri (2016, 2nd go)
Strandcafe 8a - Frankenjura (2016). My first 8a!
Boys are back in town 7c - Geyik Bayiri (2016, onsight)
Du coeur à l'ouvrage 7c - Month Dauphin (2016, onsight). That's what we call "pumpy".

Ice climbing:
Monsterfossen WI5 - Skibotn. Dream conditions for this dream line
No name WI6 - Nordkjosbotn. Got scared, got pumped but climbed it. Hell yeah!
7 First ascents in Alta paradice, from WI4 to WI5. Never stop exploring!
Kroken - Tromsø. The good old training crack. Memorable for the many hours spent here and the northern lights.
Smorstabfossen M6, WI4 - Grøtfjorden. Too psyched to wait for the icicle to form, drytooled in 3 pitches.

Alpine climbing
Arete du Diable - Mont Blanc area. Some beautiful and surprisingly hard climbing on the 'gendarmes', a windy bivaouc on top of the Mont Blanc du Tacul and a long walk back. A true character-building trip.
En endt sti på Berg - 1200m, D+/TD-. Lyngen area. First ascent. 3 hours walk-in to the base, 800 meters of snow gullies to a ridge, 3 ridges and than a rappel into another gully. Steep snow and loose M5 to an overhanging face. Returned 20 meters under summit. Scared, tired, cold. Already psyched for the next adventure!

Big Wall or multipitch
Westgrat of the Salbit 2019: Granite ridge climbing at its finest.
Storpillaren 2019: Great long trad multipitch, 7a.
North Face of Store Blamann: 2 failed awesome winter attempts in 2017 and 2018. Icy microcracks, cold temperatures, all aid climbing, total of 8 days on the wall. Aided to the summit in a 26 hour push in 2017, free climbed almost the complete wall in 2018 (about 7b+, full on trad).
Positron 7a - Gogarth (2016, trad, onsight). First ever sea cliff climbing, I want more!
Frontales 7a - El Chorro 2015. First long 'hard' multipitch. Sharp limestone ate almost all my skin, but definately worth it!
Steger - Cima Catinaccio (Dolomites) 2017. 21 pitches old school climbing!

Competition results:


World Cup Ice Climbing Rabenstein Lead 20th
World Cup Ice Climbing Rabenstein Speed 17th
World Cup Ice Climbing Champagny Lead 19th
World Cup Ice Climbing Champagny Speed 17th
National Student Championship Ice Climbing 1st
Ice Climbing Event - Pays des Ecrins   2nd
National Student Championship Sport Climbing 1st


NK Lead  4th
NK Ice climbing 2nd
Dutch Drytool Event 1st
National Student Championship Bouldering 1st


Polarcup in Tromsø 1st
European Student Championships Lead 2nd
European Student Championships Boulder 13th
European Student Championships Speed 16th



NK Lead 3rd

NK iceclimbing 2nd

NSK Lead 1st

Lead 2 2nd

World Championships 2016 61st



World Cup Ice climbing Saas Fee lead 20ste

World Cup Ice climbing Saas Fee speed 18de

Lead 1 7de

NSK (Dutch Student Championships) 1ste

Lead 2 2de

Lead 3 2de

Jeugd Lead 2 1ste

Lead 4 2de

National youth championships 1ste

National Championships 2de

Dutch drytool event 1ste



Jeugd Boulder 1 2de

100% boulderen 1ste

Jeugd Lead Open 1ste

Jeugd Boulder 2 3de

Jeugd Lead 1 1ste

Midzomer boulderevent 2de

NJK Boulder 2014 1ste

Jeugd Lead 2 1ste

NJK Lead 1ste

Dutch Drytool Event 2de (beste Nederlandse)



Knoope Open Ice 6de

Jeugd Lead 1 2de

Lead 1 8ste

Jeugd Lead 2 2de

Jeugd Boulder 1 1ste

Jeugd Boulder 2 2de

Lead 2 5de

Jeugd Lead 3 1ste

Lead 3 4de

NJK Boulder 2013 2de

NJK Lead 1ste



Vlaams Open Puurs 10e

100% boulderen 3e

Open Jeunes Arlon 5e

Lead 1 6e

Jeugd Lead 1 2e

Jeugd Boulder 2 1e

Jeugd Lead 2 2e

Lead 3 7e

Jeugd Lead 3 1e

Jeugd Boulder 3 1e

Jeugd Lead 4 1e

I love problems 1e

NJK LEAD 2012 2e



ZHJK 1: 1e

ZHJK 2: 1e

Jeugd Boulder 1: 5e

Jeugd Boulder 2: 3e

ZHJK 3: 2e

Jeugd Lead 1: 5e

Jeugd Boulder 3: 4e

Jeugd Lead 2: 2e

ZHJK Finale 1e

NJK Boulder: 2e

Jeugd Lead 3: 7e

Nat. finale regiokampioenschappen: 1e

Jeugd Lead 4: 5e

NJK Lead 2011 3e

Jeugd Open 3e



Jeugd Lead 1: 2e

Jeugd Lead 2: 4e

Jeugd Lead 3: 6e

Jeugd Lead 4: 6e

NJK Lead: 3e

ZHJK (Zuid-hollandse Kampioenschappen): 1e

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