zaterdag 15 juli 2017

Update: Chamonix

In April we all met in the big playground of Chamonix, for a week training in especially classic alpine terrain. Together with Noël I arrived a few days earlier, so that we can already make some tours to get used to the height. We were very lucky with the weather and climbed the Cosmique ridge and the Chéré Couloir in the sunshine.

Line in the Chéré couloir

After this warmup we went to do the Migot Spur with the group, a classic line in varied terrain, and my first north face in the alps! When we got back in the valley, it started raining, and it wouldn’t stop for the coming week.

Bas in de Migot Spur

The high mountains became inaccessible, and we had to think about alternatives. One day enjoyed ourselves drytooling in the valley, but after this we decided to go to the Sudpfaltz in Germany. I felt sorry for leaving such a place of Chamonix, to go to do some sports climbing 5 hours further north. This is not where I came all the way from Tromsø for! Staying in the rain and doing nothing however is even worse, and fortunately the nature in the Pfaltz is really beautiful. Being in the sunshine and in a green forestry area was also a real pleasure, after not having seen anything green in Tromsø since my arrival there. I honestly never knew that so many different colors of green existed!

I am already looking forward to the next meeting with the expedition academy, hopefully then with better weather!

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